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Faasos, meaning Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shift, is an Indian fast food chain that focuses on selling Wraps, and thanks to foodpanda, you can have those wraps with free faasos home delivery from the comfort of your home. Currently, there are 52 Faasos restaurants in 3 cities in India, Faasos Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. The very first restaurant was opened in Pune, in 2004; it was an idea that Jaydeep Barman and IIM Lucknow had, because they think a wrap is a like a pizza that you can roll, putting inside everything you can have in your mind, so, with a budget of $13.000, they founded Faaso’s. According to the magazine Outlook Business, these restaurants are considered as “Wrap Artist” because of the high quality products and the incredible taste that they create.

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Either through the foodpanda app or using our website, whichever one you prefer, you have the chance to have the Faasos order online experience. After entering your location, such as faasos sarjapur road and choosing the faasos restaurant, you can take a look on the online menu and choose the dishes you want to taste. Then, choose the payment method, cash on delivery or credit card online and confirm your order. The final step is to open the door to the delivery guy and enjoying your high quality wraps from Faaso’s delivered to your doorsteps. Don’t forget to leave us a comment after your meal and update all our media channels to get more deals & discounts. It will help us to keep improving our service and it is also helpful for future customers who visit website. Bon appétit!